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    - making history every day -

    Career Opportunities

  • Photos of Employees at Work
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Career Opportunities

Since 1913, the Grande Colonial has provided an exceptional guest experience and genuine, friendly service.
We continue to “Make History Every Day” by building authentic, personal connections with every guest.
We invite you to join our team, and enjoy a fun, rewarding work environment, and excellent benefits.

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The Grande Colonial is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All candidates must successfully complete post-offer and
pre-employment screening, criminal background check, and reference checks.
This organization participates in E-Verify.

Who We Are.

Our company is built on four fundamental values that are the essence of our company – our culture, our brand – and what have made us so special for more than a century.

  • FAMILY is the strength and soul of our company.
  • We serve with PASSION.
  • We act with INTEGRITY in all we do.
  • We provide and seek GROWTH as a company and as individuals.

We love what we do and it shows! We want employees who genuinely want to work in the hospitality industry. Those who love to interact with guests. Those who like to get involved with their department. And those who ask questions and want to learn something new every day. If this is you, come help us “Make History Every Day”!

Just listen to what some of our own family members say about how they got their start in hospitality and why they love working here…

Chris Russo, Wine Director & Sommelier

“I got into hospitality while in college at UCSB. I was a painter at a chic country club in Montecito. One day, someone from their restaurant staff didn’t show up, and I was asked to fill in. Next thing I know, I’m in a full tuxedo, with white gloves trying to serve cocktails on a (very slippery) silver tray. Needless to say, I broke many a martini glass that day!

Working at the Grande Colonial and NINE-TEN to me means constantly learning and expanding horizons. Chef Jason and the rest of the team never rest on their laurels and are constantly utilizing new ingredients and innovative presentations. For me, as wine director, I feel our wine list should also not be stagnant, and I’m always pushing myself and the staff to learn about new wines to pair with and/or challenging my old assumptions and revisiting ‘classic’ varietals. It’s invigorating. There’s also pride that comes with working here. When you say you work here, people take notice. It’s instant street cred.”

Adan Guerrero, Engineer & Property Maintenance

“I have worked at the Grande Colonial hotel since 2012. I absolutely love working here. All of the managers are so friendly. They help each of the employees to grow as individuals. There are so many hard workers at the property. And I love the views of La Jolla outside the hotel that we get to look at every day.”

Jose Virissimo, Director of Engineering

“I remember just getting home from a four-year fishing excursion between San Diego, Hawaii, and Ecuador. My Chief Engineer on the boat was talking to me about the hotel industry, and he was able to get me an interview with his brother-in-law, Bud, at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina, downtown. It was during that interview that Bud asked me if I could start the next day. I said ‘YES’ and remained there for the next ten years. Then a decade later, Bud told me about an opportunity at the Grande Colonial and set up a meeting for me with the GM, Terry Underwood. The rest is history. I have officially been in hospitality for almost 31 years and have never looked back.

Working for the Grande Colonial has been a blessing to me and to my family. I’ve grown over the years with Terry being my mentor and am thankful for the entire management team and the hundreds of employees with whom I have worked over the years. We have been through so much and we have accomplished so much. I thoroughly love coming to work every day and putting my passion for hotel maintenance to work!”


Caryn Fink, Director of Finance

“My first hospitality job was at a Holiday Inn in downtown Iowa City. I saw a classified ad for a job as a night auditor that paid $.50 more an hour than the student work-study job, I was working at the university hospital. At first, I liked the hours because I could work at night and go to class during the day (who needs sleep, right?). I was studying accounting at the time, and it was exciting for me to be working in a position that was somewhat related to my major. And it was so much more fun than sitting in a cubicle working for a CPA or doing taxes! During my time there I even encountered a few celebrities; Art Garfunkel, Tom Arnold and Yo-Yo Ma!

Over time, the hospitality industry afforded me great opportunities as I moved up from a night auditor to a director of finance, and I’ve met so many great people along the way. It was the opportunity that hooked me and the people that made me stay.”

Francisco Rios Juarez, Engineer & Property Maintenance

“I love working here at the Grande Colonial hotel and for NINE-TEN Restaurant. I started working here in 2014. It’s a great place to work and I like it so much because Mr. Terry Underwood, our general manager, and Jose Virissimo, my manager in the Engineering department, are so friendly and very understanding!”


Kim Avant, General Manager

“I first found interest in the industry when I took a Hospitality ROP course in High School. When I later attended college, I had a hard time deciding between a degree in Hospitality or Criminal Justice, so I signed up for an entry-level course for each subject. My Hospitality instructor had us do a project that required us to contact a local hotel and interview a manager, then present on that meeting. I contacted the HR Director and was surprised when he kindly agreed to meet with me. He told me about immigrating to America and starting out as a Busser in the hotel restaurant, eventually working his way up to be the company’s HR Director.

A few years later during my last semester (ultimately deciding to pursue Criminal Justice), I found myself applying for jobs and applied to work Front Desk at a hotel. Having grown up in a family where service was important, I soon realized that I loved the opportunity working in a hotel to provide service to others. I started at the Grande Colonial in 2011 as Asst. General Manager before moving into HR in 2017, and then to the position of General Manager in 2022. In retrospect, my path has similarities to the HR Director I interviewed all those years ago. Each day I come to work continues to be an opportunity to interact with and serve others while feeling challenged with each new day and situation.”


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